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How to build a world for all children ?

Every individual has rights

Children, especially, need to be protected, and hence, have specific rights as well. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1989 by the UN’s General Assembly.

Children from various countries have sent us messages encouraging us to think about children’s rights.

“We are crying because there is no peace in our country. We do not study, we do not eat. There is so much war, we do not have parents anymore, no more friends.” (children from the Democratic Republic of Congo)

“To live in peace, I need my family. It is what makes me a happier child.” (a child from Bolivia)

During Universal Children’s Day, last November 20th, we welcomed you to have a think about:

How one builds a united and fair world for all children?

And complete the following activity :

arbre des droits The Tree of Children’s Rights

Draw your fruit on children’s needs :

1. Alone or with someone else, have a think about what a child needs to grow?

2. Draw your favorite fruit

3. Write every need on the fruit

Now we welcome you to have a think about: What actions do you take to make your fruit grow?

Let us know by writing on the roots or the bark of the tree, what actions you take to ensure that everyone leads a better life, and what you do to make this world a better place.

Click here to dowload the outline of the roots and the bark

Send all your fruits, roots and bark to the following address :

Tapori Chemin Galiffe, 5

1201 Genève, Suisse


"Our house does not have any electricity. We use either gas lamp or candle. ...I persist in studying using the meager light ... I have to do this to prepare myself for a better future." (Andrea)


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