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Would you like to hear the story of a courageous child from Great Britain? Discover...

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"Look! This is where I live !"

Read and download the latest Tapori Newsletter No.402
of September-October 2015 :
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Tapori Newsletter 402 September-October 2015
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Activities Tapori Newsletter 402

In the Tapori Newsletter 401 Start to play with your friends the latest Tapori Game: A place for everyone! After, tell us what did you like and what did you learn during the game!

Find out also a Tapori Group from Switzerland.

Let’s do something together to show our friendship for all!

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tapori newsletter 401 July-August 2015 2015
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Activities Tapori Newsletter 401

It’s the 400th Tapori Newsletter !

Discover in the May-June Newsletter some drawings, some mobiles and messages from several countries. And we invite you to do your own drawing or collage and to write a message for another child.

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Tapori Newsletter 400 May-June 2015
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Activities Tapori Newsletter 400

In the Tapori Newsletter of March-April you will find :

- All in the Tapori chain of friendship !
- Introducing the group of Antohomadinika in Madagascar
- News : "Let’s create a world where everyone has a place !"

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tapori newsletter 399 mar - apr 2015
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activities Tapori Newsletter 399

You can also download the tapori newsletter of January-February :

- News about October 17 events from different Tapori groups and countries
- Extract of Joseph Wresinski’s story -he is the founder of Tapori.

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tapori newsletter 398 jan-feb 2015
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activities Tapori Newsletter 398

The 20th of November 2014
is the 25th Anniversary of the Convention
on the Rights of the Child

Download the new tapori newsletter to discover these Rights

You’ll also discover Cecilia’s Minibook and make your own.

And you’ll get news of tapori groups and children in Lebanon, Ivory Coast, France, Madagascar, Croatia, Belgium...

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tapori newsletter nov-dec 2014
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activity tapori nov-dec 2014
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In 1999, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the the Convention of the rights of the childs, Tapori Children from 5 continents made an appeal and presented it to Mrs Robinson, the United Nations High Commisioner for Human Rights. To read this appeal click here

Looking ahead to the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on November 20, UNICEF released a few weeks ago essays that ask a critical question: “Is the world a better place for children?”...


Participate in the 2014-2015 Tapori Campaign :

"Let’s create a world where everyone has a place!"


... and build a mobile to represent a world where everyone has a place.

Each one is invited to make a piece of this mobile in order to know each other better and to be better known.

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Tapori newsletter september-october 2014
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activity tapori newsletter september-october 2014

You can download the Tapori letter of september-october 2014 to have more information about it.

Send the mobile or its photo to the following address :


Chemin Galiffe, 5



Let’s discover in the Tapori letters of march and april 2014 some elements of the peace village sent by people of different countries.

And now let s continue to think of this village :

quartier de la paix - Suisse

Can you explain what you do in your village, your area ? And according to you who are the IMPORTANT People who play a vital role there for everyone ?

You can discover the story of Fatna .
Maybe you also have some ideas in order to improve life in the community; make it more livable, more beautiful for all of us...

So why don t you make a poster :

You may paint it to represent yourself and your group of friends, then you may answer the following question :

IF YOU were President, village chief, or Mayor...of your country, your town, your area OR IF together you would have to run your country, your town, your area

WHAT would you do ?

And HOW would you do it ?

And then send the poster or its photo to the following address :


Chemin Galiffe, 5



in Central Africa, Ivory Coast, France and Switzerland

You will get more messages and drawings on the tapori letter : you can download it !


Because of the conflict in the country, no group can get together, and many children live in a very difficult situation. Yet, often, the children who are part of Tapori continue to be friends, even if they are divided by the war: Some children try to get news from their friends and to help them. But others had to leave the country and there are no news of them. In the comic strip «BA A BA» by Yvon and Benold, one of the heroes says: " I ask all my friends, Muslims and Christians, to become builders of peace."

Let s discover the beautiful songs of the Tapori children in Central Africa:

We THANK all the children from Central Africa for their messages and efforts to build peace. We are not forgetting them.

"We, the children, can bring back Peace if we stay all together." (Naomie)

"In our village we only have one water fountain to get drinking water... so all the children have to be all together in order to keep peace." (Babia)

"I am at peace when I bring back fish for my family...and when I am together with friends." (Calèbe)


A new Tapori group was born in GBINTOU at N`GATTAKRO in the central part of Ivory Coast. About a hundred children got together in their neigborhood of Banco 1. It’s great news and we welcome them warmly! The children from Colombes in Abidjan drew a Village of Peace and sent us messages.

"PEACE is not a WORD but an ATTITUDE" (Adama)



In Aix en Provence (France), the children watched together the movie «Come with us.» They imagined new adventures for the Friendship Train in different countries like India, Palestine, and other African countries. And in Marseille some children wrote minibooks about their lives.

In Epinal, Toulouse and also Aix en Provence, France, some children participated in the construction of a Village of Peace.

"PEACE means to be at ease and not to be sad." (Ambre, Epinal)

"I would like everybody to board the TRAIN" (Myriam, Aix en Provence)


In Geneva, 150 children came to the Villa Yoyo - Charmille - and attended various workshops. They built elements for the Village of Peace, and fruit and tree bark for tree of the rights for all children.


How to build a world for all children ?

Every individual has rights

Children, especially, need to be protected, and hence, have specific rights as well. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1989 by the UN’s General Assembly.

Children from various countries have sent us messages encouraging us to think about children’s rights.

“We are crying because there is no peace in our country. We do not study, we do not eat. There is so much war, we do not have parents anymore, no more friends.” (children from the Democratic Republic of Congo)

“To live in peace, I need my family. It is what makes me a happier child.” (a child from Bolivia)

During Universal Children’s Day, last November 20th, we welcomed you to have a think about:

How one builds a united and fair world for all children?

And complete the following activity :

arbre des droits The Tree of Children’s Rights

Draw your fruit on children’s needs :

1. Alone or with someone else, have a think about what a child needs to grow?

2. Draw your favorite fruit

3. Write every need on the fruit

Now we welcome you to have a think about: What actions do you take to make your fruit grow?

Let us know by writing on the roots or the bark of the tree, what actions you take to ensure that everyone leads a better life, and what you do to make this world a better place.

Click here to dowload the outline of the roots and the bark

Send all your fruits, roots and bark to the following address :

Tapori Chemin Galiffe, 5

1201 Genève, Suisse

, 27 March 2014, PDF
activity tapori letter 394, 28 May 2014, PDF
feuille d’activité Tapori avril 2014, 27 March 2014, PDF
letter 391, 17 March 2014, PDF
tapori letter of may-june 2014, 28 May 2014, PDF